Laser Hair Removal

Soprano ICE For Permanent Painless Hair Reduction

Many patients wonder why there are 6-8 sessions recommended to complete the laser hair removal treatment. The reason for multiple laser hair removal sessions is that hair follicles develop in stages. The immature hair follicle is the farthest from the skin’s surface; therefore, laser light cannot destroy them.  Laser hair removal is most effective when hairs are in the growth stage.

As the follicle grows, it starts to move up to the skin’s surface and becomes vulnerable to the laser light. In short, the laser can eliminate only the visible follicles, and it takes 6-8 cycles for a successful treatment.

At Mona Lisa Medical Spa we can help you determine how many treatments are right for you. Even after your first treatment you will notice visible hair reduction. No more itching, bumps and dark spots after shaving or waxing. No more worries before vacations. Smooth, spotless skin – confidence all year round.

At Mona Lisa Medical Spa we have state-of-the-art technology and a highly qualified team of professionals ready to attend to your personalized needs and to answer any questions you might have.

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*Please note all treatment bookings require a deposit.

Body PartsSingleBar Tab 4 (15% off)Bar Tab 6 (20% off)Bar Tab 8 (25%)
Below The Belt
(F) Bikini$95$323$456$570
Between the Cheeks$55$187$264$330
Bum $95$323$456$570
Body and Face
Lower Leg$165$561$792$990
Upper Leg$165$561$792$990
Full Leg$278$945$1335$1664
Upper Arm$95$323$456$570
Lower Arm$95$323$456$570
Full Arm$175$595$840$1050
Half Face$95$323$456$570
Full face$130$442$624$832
Upper Lip$55$187$264$330
Upper lip and Chin$85$289$408$510
Neck front and back$80$272$384$480
Neck front OR back$45$153$216$270
Areola $45$153$216$270
Mid Chest$45$153$216$270
Abdomen strip $55$187$264$330
Hands or Feet$45153$216$270
Lower Back$120$408$576$720
Upper back$120$408$576$720
Full Back $210$714$1008$1460
Head to Toe$750$2550$3600$4500
Full Body$900$3060$4320$5400

Frequently Asked Questions

We use Alma’s Soprano ICE laser hair removal technology which is designed to give a painless treatment. More than 80% of patients treated with this technology experience no pain. Depending on the technology you use, the pain caused by other devices can be described as little pinches or like a snapping rubber band against your skin.

While laser hair removal doesn't get rid of hair forever it does drastically reduce hair growth—to the point that you can stop shaving altogether.

Depending on ethnicity and hair thickness, 6 treatments may be more or less than what you need. The best way to be sure is consult with our specialist and get an accurate pricing package on how many treatments you may need for your skin and hair type.

Shave area that is to be treated the day before treatment. All contraindications will be communicated in the consultation. You must wait a minimum of 4 weeks from the last tanning (artificial or natural) and/or waxing session.