Medical Grade Facials

Our Medical Grade facials are customized to treat and target your skin concerns with zero downtime. Treating acne-prone, aging, dehydrated skin, and much more. Let us provide you with the treatment your complexion is craving!

If you are short on time or need a “pick me up” this refresher facial is perfect for you. You will leave feeling revitalized and hydrated. 

Blemish be gone! This facial is an extraction based facial, focusing on removals of any impurities to help clarify your skin.

Need some time to unwind or just want to be pampered? This luxurious facial is for you! Indulge yourself with a relaxing facial massage and some much needed TLC. 

This facial is all about targeting and treating specific skin concerns or conditions. Combining the knowledge of our Aesthetician and Alumier Medical Grade products, you will secure the results you have been desiring. 

Do you want more from your facial? This exfoliating facial add on will be the cherry on top of any facial. 

*Please note all treatment bookings require a deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facial treatments are recommended for every 4-6 weeks. Seasonal and personal changes may alter the type of treatment you receive. It is great to adjust your treatments depending on what your skin is needing!

When a facial is performed regularly every (4-6 weeks), the skin will be at its best daily. The best way to answer this question is commit to a cost-efficient treatment plan we can help you with at Mona Lisa Medical Aesthetics.

As everyone’s skin is different, your skin specialist will be able to modify any treatment you receive to increase optimal results. Exfoliation, skin hydration and rejuvenation are all core components to a successful treatment.

Arrive punctually to your appointment with a bare face. Your specialist wants to see your true complexion to provide a proper skin assessment. You may experience slight redness post treatment. We want all patients to commit to taking care of their skin in between treatments for optimal, long lasting results.